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Upholstery, homeware & gifts 
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Stonham Barns Sunday & Thursday Car Boot Sale - June 16th/20th 2024 
Stonham Barns, Pettaugh Road, Stonham Aspal IP14 6AT 

Stonham Barns Traditional Sunday Car Boot 
Family run Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday Car Boot & this week Thursday.  
Stonham Barns Sunday & Thursday Car Boot 2024  
Stonham Barns Sunday & Thursday Car Boot – Over 165 sellers last Sunday and a busy day at Stonham Barns. Thanks to everyone that came. 
We had the 2nd Thursday Car Boot on 13th June and we increased to 55 sellers which was great as it's gone up. We still need to see a lot more buyers on Thursdays and i'll be handing out leaflets on Sunday to remind everyone that we are open on Thursdays. I need the continued support from sellers/buyers if we all want to make the Thursday Car Boot a permanent thing. 
Weather looking good again and another busy day ahead. Just turn up and sell from £6 no booking needed. Covered stalls are available to reserve for this and any Sunday + Bank Holiday Monday by texting 07817539168 and we now have no restrictions for anyone selling plants at the Car Boot. Hoping to see lots more plant growers & anyone with any gardening items. 
Covered stalls are available for any Sunday plus Bank Holidays they offer a guaranteed spot on the main field close to food and toilets and only £12. Everyone else can just turn up on the day. 
Events run at the same time as the Car Boot so a bigger crowd always expected. The next is Vauxfest on 23rd June 2024 followed by Shinka (East Coast Japanese Car Show) on 8th July followed by The CTG American Car, Bike & Hot Rod Show on 21st July 2024 followed by Calm at the Barn Festival on 28th July 2024. Lots more in August/September/ October. 
We are the best priced & still the friendliest Car Boot in Suffolk so come & sell from only £6 and still free parking & buying & everyone welcome to just turn up and have a look around as there’s so much to do at Stonham. 
As usual no booking needed so just turn up and sell or browse. Covered stalls are available but these always go quickly, text 07817539168 to reserve one for any Sunday or Bank Holiday Monday. These guarantee you a spot on the main field near toilets and the Tea Hut as well as overhead cover and market stall to park behind. 
We always need young helpers on Sundays so text me if interested 07817539168 or anyone interested in working in the food van. 
I've had a few questions about when we actually start. We always used to start at 8am and most people do still turn up between 7/8.30 but, we do get people arriving stupidly early onwards. So, it's really up to you. 7 onwards is sensible. We have enough space for everyone. 
Prices have remained the same with selling at £6 for cars. Cars with trailers £8.50, Small Vans £8.50 and large vans £12 Vans with Trailers are also £12. There is NO NEED TO BOOK. Covered Stalls are available for every Sunday/Bank Holiday Monday but these do go very quickly as there are only 20. These ONLY can be pre-booked on 07817539168 (text to pre-book). These offer some shade to sellers as well as a tabletop & protection against wind & rain. These are on the main field and you pull in behind them and set up. These go really fast so text to reserve any day you'd like. Everyone else wishing to sell at Stonham can just turn up on the day. 
Again, a big thanks to the majority who continue to follow the distancing and abide by our strict no harassment policy which is why Stonham Barns Car Boot is always such a friendly place to sell and buy at.  
We let Buyers in at the same time as sellers but – please allow me to get everyone into position so please don’t hinder this and please don’t stand behind cars whilst they unload. No one is going to jump in and buy before you as it just isn’t that kind of car boot. The reason we have become so popular is because we don’t have people harrassing sellers. If anyone oversteps their mark we will stop buyers entering the field until gone 7am. 
This year we will close if the weather and forecast is poor first thing in the morning. 
Last year we enlarged the sales areas as we are using three different fields so again I apologise for the extra walk for buyers but, the Car Boot is literally right next to where you park once everyone is in. Disabled parking is near the Owl Sanctuary or in the Coach Park. Please don't park there if you don't have a disabled badge. One last thing for buyers to note - If I have marked an area for sellers it doesn’t mean you ignore it and park in the seller’s areas and that includes disabled badge holders as there are disabled spots. Ask when arriving.  
You can literally just turn up on the day and sell. If you can’t get to the food van/toilet I am coming round to take pitch fees so ask me or ask your neighbour to look after your pitch. With the size of the car boot growing it does mean a longer walk to the toilet though. 
Thanks to everyone last year who followed all that I asked.  
I will be out attempting to guide everyone into position and again I ask for patience as I will decide where everyone goes as the positioning of everyone will be vital and everyone needs to be positioned as I suggest. 
My apologies if I appear grumpy first thing : ) it's normally based upon people not parking straight or everyone racing up the field to get in when they need to go one by one and slowly - as I tend to fill up across the field and not row by row or buyers standing behind the vehicle I'm trying to park a seller into. 
At the end of the day though, we are an extremely friendly car boot with a lot of regular sellers. You’ll find that you can speak to and ask anyone selling at the car boot and they’ll point you in the direction of myself or the various people working at the car boot. I will be wearing a high viz jacket this Sunday so the person covered with small beetles will be me. Please feel free to ask anything. Otherwise ask at the food van. 
Stonham Car Boot has always had a great atmosphere where the public (sellers and buyers) have made the whole occasion really enjoyable. We don't have or allow anyone to harass sellers and it has never been an issue. Which is why everything works so well. Any problems always contact me when you are there 07817539168 
We will have Covered stalls in position but, these generally will need to be pre-booked in advance - Text 07817539168 with your number plate and vehicle size to reserve one and specify which Sunday you would like to attend. If you cannot make a date please text beforehand to let me know. Any Sunday can be reserved in advance (covered stalls). These are covered stalls (outside) with an overhead canopy and table to place items on. These are £12 for any vehicle size. If the forecast is heavy winds the overhead canopies may not be placed on the stalls for fear of the stall being blown into your cars bodywork. 
Anyone wishing to attend on the day will be charged £6 cars, £8.50 small vans, £12 Large Vans, cars with trailers £8.50, Vans with trailers £12. Covered stalls are £12. Buying is free. 
One last thing. A while back we had 1 seller leave without paying. If you need to leave early please pay at the Food Van or come and find me. We do have cameras at Stonham filming the whole venue so please have the decency to come and find me or pay somewhere as a lot of time and effort goes into running a car boot.  
Below is some information about Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot 
Make sure you turn up & sell from Six Pounds. We also have the additional bonus of regular events that run at the same time as the Car Boot so check the link so you can sell to the extra crowds. There are many more events this year at Stonham now which means that we will have many more sellers and of course many more buyers. 
If you haven't been to Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot come on Sunday & Thursday 16th/20th 2024 and you'll love the friendliness of Stonham. Below is a little bit more about Stonham and the Car Boot, make sure you visit our Web Page and Facebook pages as it tells you a lot more about Stonham and what is going on weekly as it rarely is the same each week. We are open from March/April till November every year.  
Stonham Barns Car Boot is still the one to go to if you want a completely stress free day without the buyers climbing into the back of your car. We have had 260 sellers on some weeks and we are lucky to have buyers that actually buy. Stonham is known for its one off sellers and Antiques (as well as all the normal Car Boot items) and in our 10th/11th year we get a great regular crowd of sellers and buyers. Everyone loves Stonham as its unbeatable when the weather is good. It has a great atmosphere, a knowledgeable friendly crowd made up of all ages. Families, young and old, It's dog friendly and caters for the disabled. You can still sell from Six Pounds right up to Twelve Pounds for Covered stalls. These are really a hit with the sellers as you can book by texting 07817539168, pull up behind, set up and sell and pack up and leave at the end of the day. Alternatively, we are still the cheapest in Suffolk so you can just turn up from 8am and sell. 
Once we are on the field we allow sellers as much space as they require and you can even bring a gazebo and set up. We only have a few rules - we don't allow buyers to harass. Please let sellers get there items out. Buyers will see you waiting. Everyone is welcome to sell at the Car Boot. No food sold without contacting me prior to the event as we are inspected and you will need to be aware of food hygiene levels. No hot food is allowed to be sold and you will need to notify me beforehand with regard to any food. No drinks, hot or cold allowed to be sold either. 
Something I will add, which I think is important, is the fact that you can sell without the fear of things being stolen or being pestered whilst setting up. I hear that this is a problem at so many Car Boots but, we have a friendly Traditional Car Boot which attracts all ages and a great atmosphere. If you ever have a problem call me immediately on 07817539168 and I will resolve. But generally the buyers are quite polite. 
Everyone loves the friendly atmosphere, the non-aggressive buyers and a good old-fashioned traditional Car Boot. So, 6.30am onwards on Sunday. Just turn up and sell from £6. The Events days are Ideal days to sell at the Car Boot with extra crowds on those days. I will also try and add all the various Car Meets and activities that will bring extra crowds on the Sundays. When the events are on the visitors park next to the Car Boot.. 
Stonham itself sees many new shops and a new restaurant with it's new Kids Play Area as well as the popular Owl Sanctuary, Golf/FootGolf/Crazy golf and a growing number of craft shops, antique shops, a garden centre & lots more so, the whole experience on a Sunday is also improving.  
Sellers tend to arrive from 6.30am onwards (we do allow earlier (6am the earliest) but, Stonham wakes up after 9am with the shops and attractions also opening at 10am). Sensible people get there for 8am.. We start slowly but, once all the shops and attractions are open you get a good steady crowd. Make sure you pop by whatever you are doing as we do get some great bargains. Everyone loves the atmosphere of the Car Boot and it's a good crowd that actually pay the asking prices. 
Stonham is very different to other venues as we have so much going on as we are not just a Car Boot. There are lots of Shops, Golf, Fishing, Camping, a Garden Centre, Owl Sanctuary, Antiques, Holiday Park, Men & Ladies Fashion and lots more. We also have two showgrounds with regular events, permanent loos and free parking for all. 
If the weather's good Stonham is a great place to sell & you won't find a friendlier Car Boot and such a friendly buying crowd plus there are always great bargains as we are renowned for our one off novice sellers. We are also on the Coastal Route & in Summer have the Campsite and Holiday Homes full up and filled with Car Boot lovers and so many visitors to the Attractions and shops. If the sun comes out Stonham Barns Sunday Car Boot is so popular. 
We are outdoors only but offer covered stalls. We try to open every week irrespective of the weather as we still get buyers and sellers. 
Buying is free as is parking. 
07817539168 stonhambarnscarboot@hotmail.co.uk for information on the Car Boot and events at Stonham Barns. 
Suffolk's friendliest Sunday Car Boot and our next are on Thursday and Sunday 13th/16th June 2024.  
Book a covered stall or for more information call Simon on 07817 539168 or email using our contact form. 
Stonham Barns is very different to other venues with everything from Golf (practice + 9 hole course and now Foot Golf) to an Owl Sanctuary. Other attractions include a Toy shop, Jewellery and Fashion, Reptile House/Pet shop, Sheds/Log Cabins/Greenhouses, Post Office, Gardening Centre, General Stores, Home and Cane, Hairdressers, Equestrian Clothing, Dog Training, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Design and lots more. In addition to this there are regular shows and events at the showground. Check Stonham Barns for events. It also has camping and a Holiday Park. 
For kids there is Crazy Golf, and now Tumble Down which is an indoor play area, Owl Sanctuary, Steam Train and huge bouncy cushion, Toy Shop + the Reptile House is an eye opener for them. There are also a few mechanical rides and bouncy castles. Stonham has permanent toilets/showers. And best of all most of the venues are free to enter. 
There are also fishing lakes and a Restaurant. Stonham also has lovely walks around the complex. For further information contact Simon Tilley on 07817 539168 but, just turn up. 
The Car Boot itself offers everyone a very organised and stress free day and if you have the right items a profitable one. 
Below are just a few of the places we advertise as well as Libraries, Newspapers, Leaflet Drops, Notice Boards. Anyone who would like some leaflets to distribute please email or call me. 
We are listed at www.Loot.com 
We are listed at www.skiddle.com 
We are listed at www.suffolktouristguide.com 
We are listed at www.visiteastofengland.com 
We are listed at www.carbootsales.org 
We are listed at www.freeindex.co.uk 
We are listed at www.eventzilla.net  
We are listed at www.ukclassified.co.uk 
We are listed at www.eastofenglandonline.com 
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