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Stonham Barns Car Boot Blog Archive: Jan - Jun 2014 
suffolk's traditional car boot sale ~ every Sunday from 8am 

29th June 2014 
I know i’ve been slack but, the same old rubbish weather forecasts and a few other events locally which seem to have affected Car Boots all over Suffolk. We are back with a vengeance this month with the HESFES must go to Car Boot on the 27th. We have a few others coming up and i’m going to do a big push to get everyone aware again of the Sunday CarBoot. I know everyone is but, it doesn’t hurt now and then. To be continued 
15th June 2014 
I think we had similar crowds last year at this point. On the 8th we had a good turn out and this led me into believing that the Fathers Day would be an improvement on that. We did have the D Day show at Stonham which added a few extra buyers and sellers but, I thought that it would increase on Fathers Day. Daftly, I forgot that England were playing at 11pm the night before and added to this the weather was touch and go. We started to fill up a bit later than normal which was understandable and had a rush at 8am onwards. In the end we had reasonable numbers but, the whole day was much quieter than previous weeks. 
Some of the buyers cheered me up by telling me that all the Car Boots were quiet that morning. The Car Boots are lasting longer each week at the moment which is probably down to the weather improving as the day goes on. So, this week we should have a huge turn out of Motor Cyclers starting their Charity Run for St. Elizabeth’s Hospice. They leave at 10am so, this will add a bit of colour and a few extra people. 
1st June 2014 
Again another two very different weeks. In the last week before June it was just before payday and it was noticable. Many were looking but, just not spending. Like most weeks we had some that sold well and some that didn’t. Last week we had more sellers than the week before and it seems that the public are being very caredul with their money. Stonham is steadily growing with Summer slowly arriving. For us Summer means the extra tourists popping by and spending in the shops and at the Car Boot. I’m hearing that Car Boots are pretty much the same at the moment around the area. It’s difficult to say why but, suddenly without warning it suddenly turns. This Sunday we have the Mid Suffolk Vintage Festival & D Day Celebration. It’s a new event that will take place each year so, I hope it goes well for them. They have placed signs up in the area and hopefully advertised it in the press. Either way, it should swell numbers at Stonham which is always good. I won’t know how popular it is until Saturday when I see how many people are camping as they have offered camping for people wishing to make a weekend of it. 
I’m always a bit sceptical of new events as they often aren’t publicised as much as they should be. The signs is a good start though. I have mentioned the event in our advertising so, hopefully that will help both of us. 
Anyway, back to the pressing issues.. signs are presently not being stolen which is pleasing. Having argued with the Antique fair I quickly made peace with the Vintage people explaining that I have lots of signs up at Stonham every week. I’ve just started looking into finding a second venue again. I enquired with the council about Bury Road and their widely ignored park and ride site. Savilles responded and stated that the hire price was £150,000 a year. No wonder no one wants to go there. I even asked to use sections of the Car Park but, at £15,000 an area to hire I expect that the site will fall to bits and remain empty. How out of touch are councils… I’m not going to let that put me off though. I need a large field or disused plot ideally in Ipswich or between Ipswich and Needham. The Toys R Us venue would be swamped by now if it had carried on. Don’t start me off on that one. Our good friend that asked us to run the Car Boot there offered assistance in ghetting compensation for wasted time and advertising expenditure but, she miraculously disappeared and didn’t respond to texts. I presume that Toys R Us must have made some form of agreement with her. This is something that I have noticed a lot. Don’t take this the wrong way but, what ever happened to people giving their word. I’ve seen the same with Penny’s shop. Other people see that something is doing well and decide to do exactly the same thing just up the road. I wouldn’t dream of doing this. Since Penny started selling Annie Sloan paint their has been so many people trying to do the same. We had one person claim that they had bought paint from the shop and found it was very runny and imply that it had been watered down. Guess what! They were turned down to sell the same paint. Penny is a much better person than I am as I would have stuck the pot where the sun doesn’t shine. Penny purely ignored the slander and carried on. 
You can see why it has been so hard for me running a Car Boot. So often I have had to seal my mouth when sellers complain that they haven’t sold well. 99.9% of the time you only have to look at the cost of items, the quality or age of items and see why it is the reason. me being me do my upmost to try and gee up the sellers and explain that you need to rotate the items you have. We have a chap that sets up near the Food Trailer and he has really worked out what sells well at Stonham and makes sure that he has good stock. The same with some of the antique sellers. One of them always sells well, but, he categorically won’t sell unless he has good stock. I suppose we are all dreamers and expect to buy or sell that one item that turns out to be wonderful. I’m still working out a lot of the Car Boot people however, I will say that we have a good bunch at Stonham and most are good company. 
Anyway, if anyone thinks of a good enue for a Car Boot do let me know… The idea is for a Saturday one in Ipswich or perhaps a midweek one on a day when no one else does one. 
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