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Stonham Barns Car Boot Blog Archive: Jul - Dec 2013 
suffolk's traditional car boot sale ~ every Sunday from 8am 

15th December 2013 
Not the greatest of days for the Car Boot as the weather was poor all night which meant that our dry position was drenched by Sunday morning. No ones fault but, despite this there were many people at Stonham and I have to say the circus and ice skating was pretty popular. Stonham have gone to great trouble to keep this Winter Wonderland from being affected by the bad weather by using lots of gravel and offering enough cover for everyone inside the tents. 
We are hoping for better weather next Sunday and i’m trying to get the Car Boot back in the middle by the shops or Owl Sanctuary. With the rain it definitely needs to be on the hard ground where we normally are. Keep watching these pages for updates on next Sundays car Boot. 
8th December 2013 
Great turn out from sellers last Sunday but, disappointing number of buyers… It wasn’t helped by the Circus and Ice skating being closed but this Sunday we have both open. I’ve thought about Xmas for quite a while now and whether we should stop or carry on. Obviously Xmas is one of those times when you just don’t know what to do. The regulars have said how much they’d like to keep the Car Boot going and the regular buyers keep turning up. But, it’s the floating people that we want. Stonham does have some good shops there but, unless you are having a relaxing Sunday many people will be starting to panic and going to get Xmas Shopping. I’m hoping that the Circus & hopefully a decent Ice Rink will really be popular this Sunday so, it could be a good one. 
I’ve said this a million times on here but, the Car Boot goes from being massively popular to absolutely packed to suddenly quiet. I know that Car Boots are a Summer thing but, we do get a good number of sellers and you would expect the Buyers to jump on the chance of a Car Boot that’s still running at Xmas. 
Most of our rivals have closed now and I’m really hoping that in our second year of running we will really take advantage of this. Stonham have really helped by having Chipperfields and Ice Skating on so, what more do the public want. There is a Toy Shop and good selection of Festive Shops and also Festive stalls at the Car Boot so we will see. 
I’ve probably upset my family by deciding to open over December but, it just seems the right thing to do with everything still going on. 
We are also open on that day at Xmas (29th December) when everyone is at home and potentially bored so, do come and have a browse and maybe even sell a few unwanted gifts! 
Over Xmas and Winter I am allowing the stalls to be booked (covered ones). Anyone just wanting to bring their own tables should just turn up at 8am for the uncovered pitches. We only have 20 covered stalls but, having those filled means that we know we will the basis of a good Car Boot. Last week we had 50 to 60 stalls which was exceptional for Winter so, i’m hoping for the same in December as we will get the crowds at Xmas as the Car Boot does offer some good presents for people especially with the antiques on sale. 
Call or text me if you want to book a stall and i’ll get back to you if you can’t get through. 
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Jul - Dec 2013... 
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