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Stonham Barns Car Boot Blog Archive: Jan - Jun 2013 
suffolk's traditional car boot sale ~ every Sunday from 8am 

30th June 2013 
My apologies for being so late…. you know what it’s like. Well, we started the Toys R Us Car Boot which is possibly the main reason I haven’t had time to do this. I now have no rest days at all and i’m up every day at 5 except for Saturday’s where I allowed myself 15 minutes lie in (5.15). Instead of slowing down I seem to be working on how to destroy my health quickly.. As you can imagine I was fearing the worst with Toys R Us. To be continued. 
23rd June 2013 
Another Sunday gone and I have to say….. what a poor day. I know it’s boring reading about the weather and how wrong the forecast is but….. I want a job as a weather forecaster. I expect that the chap or chappess in question sits there all week with a box of Tenant’s whatever and randomly presses a different button every hour. I wonder if he even has a window in his office. I mean… how wrong can they be. When you watch the news they tend to show you a big moving wind chart. I definitely want one of those. Anyway, do I need to say anything… 
Saturday was supposedly going to be poor with Sunday being fine to start with until 4. Instead Saturday was windy but, not as poor as was expected followed by rain later. Sunday, started really well at 6am but deteriorated on and off throughout the morning followed by sporadic downpours all day really. What really annoys me is the fact that we all look at different readings for the same weather. I did have a lady call me up at 6.30 am asking if we were on as it was raining near her. Stupidly I didn’t ask her where she lived but, I quickly stated that it was glorious at Stonham… 
As you can imagine the covered stalls filled up swiftly and were gone by 10 past 8. Most people must have seen the forecast, looked out the window and decided it just wasn’t worth it. Because of this the VW event just didn’t get going. The 350+ bikers still managed to meet at Stonham (why didn’t they meet by the Car Boot) prior to their ride to Felixstowe and the Car Boot did well initially. Although the numbers were down with the weather putting a lot off. Well, considering the weather I have to say that the uncovered Car Booters had all brought their own sheets and despite the usual numbers we get none really complained. Everyone accepts that the weather has an effect and it’s more likely that it’s me that feels really pants after numbers aren’t as good as they normally are. I suppose that at £5 to sell or even £8 and with rain most there were quite happy to sell what they did. Naturally their are highs and lows. One told me that they had sold £180 worth whereas others certainly hadn’t. Generally though, given the rain it was to be expected. I know that other Car Boots on Saturday and Sunday had suffered as well. We are onbiously fortunate that we have some covers, it’s just a shame that it was too windy to bring out the covered walkways. Hopefully next week we won’t have to but, I’ll see if we can have all difficulties covered just in case. 
I do enjoy wandering around the Car Boot talking to people. I’ve managed to not look at what people sell and just ficus on what people do. One lady, Miss Alpaca, has a garden full of them and is trying to convert them into seat coverings. I also enjoy talking to the Paramedic that bizarrely makes plant boxes out of pallets. You wouldn’t believe the types of people you get at Car Boots. We have a teacher that travels to all the war zones teaching the kids various languages and English. 
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