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Stonham Barns Car Boot Blog Archive: Oct - Dec 2012 
suffolk's traditional car boot sale ~ every Sunday from 8am 

30th December 2012 
What a shame. It was actually a really nice day but unfortunately the wind managed to freeze everyone that sold there. The diehards tried to maintain the weather but, in the end (by lunchtime) the wind won. We are trying again on Tuesday (New Years Day) and many of the regulars will be there selling. In fact many of them popped in on Sunday to see how we were doing in the wind. Tuesday promises to be a better day hopefully without the wind. I have left the signs out from Sunday and will be adding a NEW YEARS DAY date on all of them. We have also been advertised for sometime online and in the papers so, i’m expecting a decent turnout as there isn’t much on on NEW YEARS DAY. Xmas is well and truly out the way and for the next few weeks we are the only Car Boot still running in this side of Suffolk. We will always try and open on the Sunday and hope to see as many of you as possible. The Covers are still coming (I know it’s dragged on). We have been messed around by a few but, it’s on it’s way. 
Your support would be appreciated as we have attempted to give you a platform to sell at. You can also help by letting as many people know as possible that you are attending. We advertise on Twitter and Facebook and all the Car Boot sites so, any follow and retweets etc appreciated. 
Thanks to everyone. 
23rd December 2012 
What a letdown… Yes it was windy and the forecasts had been terrible and Xmas shopping was at panic point but, I reallly expected more to attend. With so many Car Boots stopping we really have looked at the public to take Stonham to their hearts and make it a Car Boot that will flourish in Winter. I know we are waiting for the covers still but, it’s such a great venue and the crowds will start to flock again. It’s probably a lot to ask for but, a warm day would be great. However, despite all the wind on Sunday it wasn’t actually that bad a day. It certainly doesn’t help when so many were warned of floods and high winds. Well, despite the winds the signs just about stood up to the wind and rain and it was good to see none stolen. The website is slowly getting back to shape although I still have a few pictures to put back. 
Xmas is upon us now so, hopefully everyone will be bored of it by the 30th and pop into Stonham Barns for the Car Boot on the 30th December and NEW YEARS DAY. 
16th December 2012 
It’s been a hard week in more ways than one. The website has been hacked so, we will look different until I can remember how we looked plus we had quite a few road signs stolen but we will keep going. Stonham Barns should be one of only probably two Car Boots still running now. So, we expect a lot more of you at Stonham Barns especially with the covers coming. The website should be back looking familiar again – just a few pictures to replace and a few additions. the good thing to come out of it is the fact that I can now add a google thing that works…. 
Friday was different to normal as I had three days off work and was expecting to put the boards up early Friday morning but I had to pick up this and do that and take this and before I knew it it was getting dark. I did have it all finished by 9pm (which was quite weird) but, I was nervous coming into the weekend as you never know how many will sell or how many will come to buy. 
We did have a good turnout on the Sunday which was good to see. We had over 40 sellers, which in the present weather conditions and the festive season is pretty good. The disappointment to me is the fact that the regular buyers seem to be panicking over Xmas shopping and going to Ipswich. We have our normal buyers and are picking up visitors from the closed Car Boots but, it’s been a little disappointing. One week we have masses of buyers and fewer stalls and the following week a complete role reversal. 
Winter is a strange time to run Car Boots. We have kept going because we were sure that buyers/sellers would want to carry on. This year has been blighted by terrible weather and this included Summer. Our soon to be arriving covers will obviously help us with this especially once the regulars know that Stonham will be open irrespective of a little rain. We have also geared it towards sellers that just won’t go because the rain will ruin their goods. Despite the smaller turnout of buyers people did still sell OK and there was a lot of people wandering off with goods. The week that has followed has been awful and we may be lucky with the weather with it being quite rain free. We will set up in the Car Park this time and hopefully our usual crowd will have finished their Xmas Shopping. 
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